Show off your Skills at the Inaugural Truss Building Contest

Photo Credit: STEM Weblog

Are you a high school student interested in a career in the engineering/construction field?  Do you like hands-on learning?  If you answered yes, then Sault College has an event for you: the 2021 Truss Building Contest.

This activity is open to high school students in Grades 9-12 and promotes learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  Students will design, create and submit the balsa wood truss of their choice and compete against their fellow classmates for prizes and bragging rights. Student’s trusses will be loaded and tested to determine the winner in a virtual livestreamed event.

“Typically we hold our annual Bridge Building Competition in the spring of each year; however, due to the situation regarding COVID-19 we have been unable to run the competition,” said Marc Pilon, P.Eng – Professor/Coordinator of the Civil Engineering Program at Sault College.

The high school truss building activity will consist of a scaled down version of the bridge building competition where students will construct trusses out of provided balsa wood kits.  There is no cost to register for the competition and the wood kits will be provided at no cost to the students. Pick up and drop off of the materials/trusses will be through a contactless drop box.

“Given that the annual Bridge Building competition is an important recruitment activity for the Civil Engineering/Construction programs, we want to continue to provide an opportunity for hands-on learning for high school students while building awareness for a potential career path in engineering/construction,” said Pilon.  “Northern Ontario is experiencing a very high demand for Civil Engineering Technicians/Technologists, as well as careers in the construction industry. This is exciting news for students enrolled in these programs.”

Deadline to submit completed trusses is Wednesday, March 17, 2021 prior to 4:30 p.m.  Truss Loading will take place Friday, March 19 via virtual livestream.  A link will be provided to students upon registration.

Any students wishing to register can email [email protected] or call (705) 971-1895 for additional information.

For teachers wishing to incorporate this activity into their curriculum, they can email and request a virtual class presentation on truss building.


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