Solidarity Funding for BIPOC Creatives

Photo by Nate Isaac on Unsplash

The Indigenous Screen Office (ISO) has created a solidarity fund in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. $3.8 million has been disbursed to Indigenous, Black and People of Colour to counter the toll COVID has had on Canada’s Screen Sector and the call for equity in representation of on screen creators.

“The ISO wanted to stand in support of other racialized creators and we were in a position to offer support like this,” said Jesse Wente, executive director of the ISO in an interview to CBC.

The Solidarity fund comes out of the necessity to keep people employed through COVID, as the pandemic shuts down production across the country.  The fund has partnered with Racial Equity Media Collective and BIPOC TV & Film and has already supported 125 projects.

The Solidarity Fund has a focus on making representation in Canadian Media more diverse, and more accessible for marginalized people.

“To invest in the voices of and production companies of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, is a powerful and transformative act. We are proud to be a part of it and heartened by the industry-wide support,” said Nathalie Younglai, founder of BIPOC TV & Film.

If you are a BIPOC creator, Amazon Prime has recently announced a $1.25 million development program in partnership with the Solidarity Fund to assist BIPOC creatives in accessing funding.  A guide on how to apply can be found at this link and the deadline is March 5, 2021.