Sudbury mayor wants highway checkpoints to curb COVID-19 spread in northern Ont.


The mayor of Sudbury, Ont., is calling for highway checkpoints that would discourage non-essential travel to northern Ontario.

Mayor Brian Bigger says he plans to reach out to the provincial government and other local leaders about a proposed “northern bubble” to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in the region, where case rates are lower.

He says he wants to see a plan that will “stop or stymie traffic” up Highway 69, a major highway connecting northern and southern Ontario.

Bigger says there’s a need to insulate his city as more infectious variants of COVID-19 are detected in southern parts of the province.

He says the idea of travel checkpoints isn’t unreasonable, pointing to a similar initiative in Quebec last fall meant to discourage non-essential travel.

The provincial transportation ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


  1. Northern Bubbles, checkpoints, lockdowns, it’s all nonsense when throughout the pandemic we have had thousands upon thousands of daily flights, border crossings, etc from covid hot sports around the world.
    Trudeau being he globalist PM he is continually has been putting the preferences of other countries over the welfare of Canadians.
    Even the biggest fool knows when a sink is overflowing the first thing you do is stop the flow into the sink.
    He has handled this poorly and he is directly the reason why Canada is lagging so far behind in the covid battle.
    That’s before even mentioning that Canada currently has among the worst vaccination progress rates in the world.

  2. I think they should have implemented check points to at least the Algoma District at the start of the lockdown in December, rather than shutting local businesses down – they are not the problem; it is the travel into the community. We were about 63 cases total, or about that, prior to the lockdown.

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