What Happened To Bella Blue?


It has been 47 days, and with each passing day, the heartache grows for an Echo Bay family who are missing their beloved husky Bella Blue.

“I’ve had her since she was a baby, I drove to St. Thomas Ontario to get her. She is 13 years old. She’s a very shy dog and doesn’t like to go to anyone unless she feels she can trust them. She always has been, basically a spoiled little princess. That’s why I called her my princess Bella blue.” said owner Shawna Lee.

December 31st, 2020 was just a regular day for Shawna and her dogs.

“I let her out at 10am. Her leash didn’t click on right when I tied her up, I was very sick that day. She doesn’t like to spend her whole day in the house.”

Bella slipped her leash and decided to roam the neighbourhood in the small town.

“Apparently she was down the road from me in the corner of Lake Street and Church in Echo Bay, multiple people seen her but didn’t notify me.”

At this point, Shawna didn’t realize Bella was off her property.

“At 3pm when my uncle stopped here, he said Bella was sleeping in the dog house. I always tell him to bring her in, but this time I said I’ll go out and get her. I fell asleep with my son, when I woke up around 5pm, I went out to get her and she wasn’t there. I started to call for her. A neighbour came over and said he seen her on the train tracks, corner of Old Hwy 17b and Church 30 minutes prior to me calling around for her.”

There hasn’t been many other sightings of the dog since then and her family is beyond worried about their lost furry family member. So is Bella’s partner, the other family dog, Demon.

“I got her when my male Demon was 2 and they had 6 babies when she was a year and a half old. They were an amazing pair together. Demon would lay on her belly when she was pregnant, he was there through her delivery sitting and watching like a good dad. She had the babies laying in between my legs. They were both amazing parents, they loved each other so much.” Shawna said.

“They were never apart. My male started getting sick due to age around 14. A year later I was caring for him while he was palliative, I wanted to keep him with us as long as I could. When Bella disappeared he would pace the floors, he kept wanting outside, pacing the driveway and just standing in front of the dog house looking for her. It took a huge toll on him, he started to decline quickly. I couldn’t let him suffer anymore, he had hip-dyspepsia and was getting hard for him to get up off the floor and walk. A tumor on his face that doubled in size due to the stress of not having his mate. Sadly I had to end his suffering and sent him over the rainbow to be a fur angel. My heart broke more and more.” Shawna said.

The anxiety Shawna and her family are feeling is real. The unknown of the whereabouts of Bella has given the family many sleepless nights and with the passing of her mate Demon, all the more reason that Bella needs to find home .

Bella Blue developed a bond with Shawna’s son who is 3, she says they always curled up at his feet when he was sleeping. Both dogs become protective of Jacob and they were both always laying beside him while he played on the floor.

Bella Blue also is a very big part of Shawna’s life.

“Bella and I always had matching princess blankets and pink princess teddy bears. She always slept in my bed, they both did until Demon couldn’t get up there anymore. Then he sleep on his blanket right beside the bed.”

Despite the family and friends searching the area for Bella, it appears the dog has just vanished.

At 13 years, Bella is a senior dog and may have trouble with the weather conditions. Now that it has been a month and a half since she went missing, the family is concerned that she may have passed while trying to find her way back home.

Husky’s however, are used to colder weather and can be very resistant to it.

The family is pleading with anyone who may have seen Bella, or may have information on her whereabouts.

“The Echo Bay community has been amazing searching and watching for her. Including myself, we searched: fields, train tracks, back roads, side streets, old barns, people searched the property and any buildings on it. I went to farms and explained the circumstances around her disappearance, provided a description and provided a phone number. There aren’t a lot of places that didn’t know of Bella’s story and seen posts on Facebook. Echo Bay, Garden River, Bar River, Laird and St. Joe’s have been searched, maybe not everywhere, but a good portion of the locations.”

Bella Blue is no doubt missing her human family as much as the family is missing her. If you have any information please call (705) 943-5838.


  1. Around the same time this poor dog went missing, I was driving to Echo Bay via Garden River and turned around right by the Ojibway Park entrance because I saw a huge wolf standing on the train tracks, he took off when I turned around so I didn’t get to take a picture of him, but this location is very, very close to the home of Bella. I fear the worst.

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