#WriteHereWriteNow ~ A Canada Post initiative, for the greater good


A neat story trending on social media Wednesday, is an initiative being deployed by Canada Post. The nation’s mail service has found an ‘innovative’ way to reach out to people ~ and it’s all about going ‘old school’. Pencil (or pen), Postcard, Handwriting, Mail.

Canada Post is getting ready to deliver 13.5 million pre-paid postcards across Canada starting March 1st. Each household will receive one of six versions that can be sent to whomever in the country for free.

Over the next few weeks, Canadian households will be receiving the postcard from Canada Post. #WriteHereWriteNow Campaign is intended to help citizens harness their creativity and “send something to someone you miss ~ and send it gratis within Canada.

The Campaign’s slogan is,

It’s always the right time to make someone’s day, #WriteHereWriteNow .

The hashtag #WriteHereWriteNow is a way to share personal reflections on the campaign through social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

@MellieF30 wrote on twitter: Love this idea..old school snail mail love it!! #WriteHereWriteNow

Katie Collins – @thesweetbashco on twitter loves the idea. She wrote the following tweet,

“Please, I beg of you do not throw this away! If you have zero intention of sending some love to a fellow Canadian tweet at me. I’ll come and pick yours up and send it myself! #writeherewritenow”

When you take the time to share, you can always be there.

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