2021 Hospice Heroes Winners Announced


The 2021 Hospice Heroes award winners are here! Hospice Heroes is an annual award ceremony where ARCH recognizes staff, volunteers and community partners who make an outstanding contribution to our community. Hospice Heroes are exceptional individuals/agencies who embody the values of ARCH and are community leaders who inspire positive change. Typically, this event is an intimate affair of gratitude; however, the continued pandemic measures have now prevented ARCH from holding an in-person celebration for the second consecutive year. We are very grateful to our Hospice Heroes for their exemplary efforts, they are true role models!

Volunteer Hospice Hero – Armida Brown

Volunteer Hospice Hero – Armida Brown

“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” These words spoken by H. Jackson Brown Jr., embody Armida Brown to the core. She goes above and beyond in her role as a volunteer. Her compassion and loving nature can be seen throughout everything she does. You will regularly find Armida at ARCH putting countless hours in the kitchen, helping out at the reception desk, working at an event, or directly supporting our palliative residents and their families; Armida is always willing to help wherever needed most! She spends much time sitting with our residents and their families, ensuring their journey at ARCH is meaningful. She has a keen awareness of what each resident needs and leaves an everlasting impression on those who cross her path, and ARCH loves her for it!

It is ARCH’s privilege to have the combination of Armida’s ever-helpful, loving presence and the endless amount of genuine kindness she shows towards others. We are truly grateful to have Armida on-site, not only as a Hospice Hero but as a valued and dependable ARCH Champion.

Staff Hospice Hero – Kelly Leith

Staff Hospice Hero – Kelly Leith

Kelly always goes above and beyond in her role as ARCH’s Clinical Care Lead. She is a strong advocate for her team and all those who ARCH serves. As Maya Angelou once said “Whatever you want to do, if you want to be great at it, you have to love it and be able to make sacrifices for it,” and Kelly exemplifies this. She is a team player who is trust-worthy, knowledgeable, supportive, an excellent communicator and always strives for that extra measure of care and comfort for our residents. Her attention to detail is remarkable, and her outstanding dedication to excellence and quality care is evident in everything she does. She is held in the highest regard by her colleagues; as Kelly is someone who genuinely represents all of ARCH’s mission, vision and values in her everyday work. She inspires the entire ARCH team with her strengths, and always creates a safe and comforting environment for our residents and their families.

Kelly can often be seen assisting with fundraising events and is always willing to help out when needed! Her support is invaluable. She is a natural caregiver and it is truly an honour to work alongside Kelly.

Community Partner Hospice Hero – United Steelworkers
All Locals within the Algoma District

Community Partner Hospice Hero – United Steelworkers: All Locals within the Algoma District

During times of need at ARCH, it always seems that the United Steelworkers are there to help. They have shown continued support throughout the years with an undeniable dedication to Hospice. When they see an opportunity, they jump at the chance to help. Whether it’s participating in annual fundraising events, providing assistance with necessary renovations, donating baskets to our residents and their families over the holidays, replacing our blanket warmer or making a significant donation during challenging times, they have been there for ARCH! The Hospice residents find ongoing warmth and comfort in the newly donated blankets received along with the new blanket warmer!

The USW is an inspiring partnership, having supported ARCH since its early days of inception and development; we are grateful for their ongoing support and the good works we see them doing throughout our community. The USW team has invested in Algoma District’s well-being by supporting Hospice in providing quality, compassionate care to local families. They’ve not only helped to make our home better, but our community is better as a result. We are thrilled to honour the USW with the 2021 Hospice Hero Partner Award.