45 Days – City pushes back release of documents for Pointe Des Chenes

The campground at Pointe Des Chenes sign hangs out front on a cold day. (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

As most residents are aware by now, the city made the decision to not renew a lease with the Lions club to operate the Pointe Des Chenes Campground.

SaultOnline filed a Freedom of Information request shortly after this decision was made for any information regarding PDC back to 2017. The city has enacted part of the Municipal Freedom of Information Act to give them 45 more days to produce the documents.

The 45 days extension to get the information to us will take until the beginning of May. It also lines up with the time frame where the city has told campers that they must start removing their property.

This is the second letter we have received from the city in regard to this request.

The first one was to inform us it was going to cost more than $25 for the information requested. In the media industry this is almost a given for any FOI, so we were not surprised.

Jeffery King, solicitor for the city used section 20 of the Municipal Freedom of Information to extend our request.

“The length of the extension shall be for an additional 45 days, though as is our policy, we shall attempt to provide you with the information you requested as soon as possible. The reason for this extension is that there is a large number of records to be reviewed prior to providing the information to you,” said King in the letter.

Even though the decision was made using false information, this delay in turn prevents us from potentially revealing anything further which may change minds. Any hope of the park opening this year, may be dwindling.

This delay does a few questions though… what is in the documents and/or why would there be such a large volume warranting this 45 day extension?

As per the act, SaultOnline may have the Information and Privacy Commissioner review their decision for the extension.

Stay with SaultOnline as we work to uncover information surrounding all of our municipal politics.


  1. Thank you so very much for all the information , I share it all on The Point facebook page . Which is for friends and family from Pointe Louise and area. We very much appreciate all the work that you do. Cheers! Dan thx again.

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