Algoma Sikh Association Delivers Care Packages to Pauline’s Place and Women in Crisis Algoma


Local Sikh community practices seva (selfless service) for local Womens’ organizations

The Algoma Sikh Association delivered roughly 40 care packages to Pauline’s Place and Women in Crisis Algoma this week through its fundraising efforts from their previous two local demonstrations in solidarity of the #FarmersProtest, raising over $500 towards the One Billion Rising initiative being done by the local community & Sikh groups across Canada.

The packages, filled with feminine hygiene products, winter wear, PPE & essentials for women were prepared by sevadaars (volunteers) on Monday (International Womens’ Day) and were distributed to local organizations and as part of One Billion Rising, a global campaign to end rape and sexual violence against women. Surface disinfectant, face shields and masks were also donated to the organizations.

Algoma Sikh Association President Gurwinder Singh, who is a member of the World Sikh Organization (WSO), tells SaultOnline he is happy to continue the initiative, which the Algoma Sikh Association began locally last year since last year and has been inspired by Ranjit Singh, a 22 year old man who was beaten, illegitimately detained & tortured by Indian authorities while protecting a women’s shelter at the demonstrations from goons.

Ranjit Singh was detained in January along with Nodeep Kaur, a 24 year old labour rights activist who was also detained, beaten and sexually assaulted while in police custody.

“In Canada, a country which respects it’s Democratic tenants, we cannot stand by idle while violence against women is perpetrated no matter where such violence occurs. We are taking this opportunity to give back to the local community while raising awareness of the rights of women to safety. The Kirpan is one of the 5 articles of faith for a Sikh. Its meaning is “compassion-giver” & a Khalsa (initiated) Sikh is obligated to use whatever means possible to protect anyone from danger & oppression.”


  1. When I visited India, one of the favourite parts of the trip was the Golden Temple in Amritsar. I found the Sikh community to be very welcoming, friendly and helpful. I’m so glad to see the great work you do for the local community in the Sault.

  2. It is heartwarming to see individuals taking time out of their personal lives to push for greater good in our world. Great job to everyone involved!

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