Baby Yoda and other snow sculptures built in city

Baby Yoda is featured in the yard on Brien Ave. (Dan Gray/

A couple of neighbours recently got together to make some snow sculptures in the 200 block of Brien Street.

According to Arlene Duplantie, they were basically looking for something to do.

“We wanted something to do outside, it started with the hill for the kids to play on, and then we got more snow, so we had to figure out what to do with it,” said Duplantie “we were trying to plan something big, but we got an owl, he was the first one we did.”

Her neighbour, Crystal Smallpiece, and both sets of kids then set off to create a slug and a gumball man. Weather doing what it does, the slug became a turtle and the gumball man turned into a butterfly at the request of one of the children.

A tree, gnome, Baby Yoda and one more turtle account for the other sculptures in the yard.

Maintaining the creations in the warmer weather has been a challenge, with the head falling off the turtle at one point.

With temps expected to get into the single digits next week you might want to go soon if you would like to experience the rewards of their efforts.