Bobcat sighting outside Goulais Bay


Going north? be on the lookout for wildlife… sounds like a funny thing to say in Northern Ontario, but for someone new to Northern Ontario, a video of a Bobcat outside a home near Goulais River was both alarming and cool.

Tracy McColl-Galizia posted the video up on Facebook with the comment “The bobcat is back again”.

In a quick interview with her, I was reassured from a resident’s perspective, they aren’t worried, the comments on the post would lead me to believe it’s not a problem either.

“Well it is a wild animal, but no I don’t see any particular issue with the bobcat,” said McColl-Galizia. “This is a rural area and we see a ton of wildlife. But yes it is a predator and will attack small pets if given the chance.”

The responses ranged from “Cool” to “He is big” to “Beautiful”.

With spring upon us, wildlife is going to be more active so be aware of your surroundings at all times to avoid any potential conflict.