Breaking – Sault Ste. Marie Michigan Commissioner resigns


Giving her growing business and family obligations as reasons, commissioner Abby Baker has resigned from the commission effective immediately.

“After much consideration, and this wasn’t an easy decision to come too, however I feel like I need to do what is best for my family and myself, therefore I am resigning as the city commissioner of Sault Ste. Marie effective immediately,” said Baker in an announcement which appeared to catch commission by surprise. “As my business continues to grow and I work with other communities across the state and hopefully the country, I would not want that to conflict with any city business.”

She thanked her constituents, other commissioners, staff, and the Mayor for all their hard work and promised she would still be active in the community. She also promised to keep them all accountable, but as a citizen.

Mayor Don Gerry noted it was a surprise to all of them and he appreciated the kind words.

“It’s a labor of love, we know, it’s very difficult to be in the position and you see a lot of different things, you certainly get a different perspective of it,” said Gerry. “It certainly has been a pleasure to get to know you, you’re an extremely creative person, your enthusiasm is certainly there, when you say you are going to keep on us and let us know which way we need to go, I have no doubt.”

Stay with SaultOnline for more reaction and the steps the city must take going forward to fill Baker’s position.