Campers out of Point Des Chenes by May 15

A picture of the Beach at Pointe Des Chenes taken by Veronica White.

In a response to SaultOnline, the Lions Club of Sault Ste. Marie has stated how it plans to deal with the closure of the campground.

“Once the park is accessible later in the spring, we will be working with the City to schedule appointments with campers to remove their RV’s/trailers, decks, gazebos and sheds from their sites at the park,” said Janet Gawne a representative of the Lions Club.

“We will also be making arrangements with the City on retrieving items that belong to the Lions Club from the Park.  Not sure at this point how we will handle to disposition of those items.  The City has indicated that they will work with us to deal with these issues.”

Gawne went on to explain how a situation involving money raised by campers for a new playground would be handled.

“There is one major donation of about $1,000.00.  That donation will be returned as we can identify who made the donation.  The remainder of the monies raised were done so through the park assistant manager.  They ran a bake sale etc. and those funds are about $1,500.00,” said Gawne.

“There was nothing done to this point as the cost of playground equipment that would meet the City’s criteria would be in the range of $15,000.00 to $20,000.00.  We are still weighing options as there are many factors to consider in making a fair and appropriate decision  At this point we do not know how we are going to resolve this issue.”

The city chose to not renew their lease with the Lions Club, effectively closing the campground. This amid a surge in demand province wide for places to camp.

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  1. So the only comments I read about people being upset are those that have trailers there. Some it seems for many years. So here is my question. Why should I pay for someone else’s recreation. From what I understand there are 190 spots at the campground. How many of those spots are occupied by long term campers. My point is there is a very small number of people being affected by this. If the campground is so important to them buy it and run it. Don’t ask 70,000 people to pay for the enjoyment of a couple of hundred.

  2. This started out for tourists& got taken over by locals,its better that more people can use it again like it use to be.It was never intended as to what happened to it.

  3. Still time for Council to reconsider this very poor and foolish decision and get some input from the campers a nd Lions Club. The impact and repercussions go far beyond what was projected at Council. There are whole families and many of our senior citizens involved who are now being evicted on short notice …. and good luck trying to find space in any other Campground … you go on a waiting list as they are booked full.
    Quite a loss to our community. What a shame … once done it can’t be undone.

  4. City council members- we will give campers ample time to get their trailers out as stated in council meeting.
    We have snow on ground till end of April. Leaves campers roughly two weeks to get their campers ,supplies and dismantle /remove their decks. How do they figure we have ample time ????

  5. This is really unfortunate. Been camping here with my family since I was a young kid. There already isn’t enough to do in the Sault area and now the one close family campground is being closed. And for what good reason? None.

  6. Not going to work well with most . Campers need more time and certainly not by appointment . Most people work Monday to Friday so weekends are the only options. Fellow campers help each other when we are out at the campground . Open it up everyday and let the campers work together . NOT by appointment .

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