City addresses Gore Street stop sign and Northern Avenue


In response to a story SaultOnline published on the soon to be obstructed stop sign at Gore and Albert street, the city has given SaultOnline a statement on the plan.

Tessa Vecchio, the communications manager for the city advised that they are aware of the situation.

“Public Works is taking precautionary measures to save the tree while still maintaining the visibility of the stop sign,” said Vecchio. “The tree’s branches will be trimmed in the Spring and the flashing light will be adjusted to create enough visibility.”

Another issue which was brought to their attention was the lines in the newly minted section of Northern Avenue. It has been redesigned and is now one lane in each direction with bike lanes added.

Larry Girardi, Deputy CAO, Public Works and Engineering has said “Northern Avenue is a priority and will be painted as soon as weather permits. Temperatures will have to warm up before paint can be applied.”

If you have any issues regarding city services, please reach out to us in comments or by e-mail at [email protected].


  1. You guys gotta realize us guys or girls on bikes have the right of way at all times. We are on a small thing you guys are in vehicles it is the law to let us pass we don’t not follow stop lights as we are not in one

  2. If only the main roads in this town had proper bike lanes. Great northern, McNabb, Queen Street, Wellington Street, second line. Then there would be alot less problems for the cars and less people trying to murder the cyclists.

  3. I have no problems with the cyclists BUT they should be abiding by the rules of the road also.
    Drove down Queen St one Sunday and 2 cyclists both head down the street both on opposite sides of Queen.
    BOTH of them rode through EVERY RED LIGHT!
    They both were obviously experienced cyclists as they were both wearing spandex clothing..fancy helmets etc.
    What makes them think they are above the law????
    Most are ok but haven’t seen too many sit at a red light waiting for the green.
    Like I said…I have no problems sharing the road but only if they did the same and FOLLOW THE LAWS!
    As for Northern Ave and let’s add McNabb St at Elmwood Ave to the mix…WHO IN HELL COME UP WITH THAT STUPID IDEA?????
    There’s going to be and accident there soon I’m betting.
    Just my opinion.

    • Have agree with you Wayne, Northern Ave is a big concern of mine and has been since last fall. I made more than one call to City Hall to ask questions and was told that its got nothing to do with them, it was a private contractor doing the painting. Guess they think we are all stupid. There are way to many drivers that won’t understand what the bike lane is. Won’t be long before someone is run over.

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