Community reacts to possible Shaw Communications sale


Earlier today, Rogers Communications announced a deal to buy Shaw Communications.

Initial reaction was mixed in our community, some people noting it will take away competition, others noting Rogers has done this before.

“Rogers is pretty solid, reliable, dependable, and as far as price they’re probably at the high end but deliver quality service,” said Lauren Kroll in a Facebook comment on the original story.

“I think this is bad news. I had nothing but issues with Rogers. Their service and their customer service is awful. They are also more expensive than Shaw,” said Meekah Johnston.

Others were concerned about lack of competition if this deal passes.

Rob Di Rocco said it is “Just what we need, fewer choices of provider. This is terrible in an already captured market. There is no possible upshot for consumers here.”

The purchase still needs to be cleared by regulators and shareholders and it also needs to meet standard closing conditions.

The deal would make Rogers the second largest telecom company in Canada, with Telus being below them and Bell Canada in the lead.

What do you think? Is this good or bad for customers in Sault Ste. Marie? Will you cut cable if it becomes Rogers? Let us know in the comment section.


  1. Shaw started the process of providing unlimited mobile (cell service) to their customers at really good prices in the western provinces and they told me it would eventually be offered here. Where do you suppose that option will go if Rogers, who already offers mobile services, is allowed to buy Shaw. Like someone said in this article, there is no possible upshot for the consumer if this happens.
    We have higher cable and mobile rates than just about any other country now because of a lack of competition. This reduces the competition. Figure out the result.

  2. I will DEFINITELY be going to the LOWEST package they have…maybe just the internet and buy a “fire stick” and watch everything there is on TV for 1/10th the cost.
    Why Canada doesn’t allow other companies in…look how many there are in the USA and look at their prices…it’ll make you sick.

    • SHAW contacted us 5 days ago and offered us a new pkg. Much higher download/upload capabilities, etc. I wonder if their contract base depends on the final selloff.

  3. There won’t be an effect to competition since the market for the two don’t overlap. I don’t think there is anywhere in Canada where you have a choice between Shaw and Rogers.

  4. I was with shaw for years then they started playing games, deleteing channels or moving them to other packages so you have to pay more. I will stay with Bell Fibe. no issues in the last 2 years.

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