Council PDC decision may cost community organizations 50k

Google view of the park.

The Lions club of Sault Ste. Marie has confirmed organizations in the city will have to make due with less contributions from them.

“The Lions Club of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario may have considerably less money to donate in the future, We will have to explore new fundraising opportunities,” said Janet Gawne a representative for the Lions. “Probably, the amount would have been in the $50,000.00 a year dependent upon the repairs which the park required.”

In the over 35 years the Lions club has ran Pointe Des Chenes park they have donated to a long list of community organization. They have ranged from the Army Cadets, to guide dogs to multiple sports organizations and so much more.

The city’s decision to close the park was based on the cost of over $275,000 to repair a water system which had be broken for many years. In choosing this year, amid a pandemic, they have also taken a funding source away from organizations who depend on donated money.

If they had chosen to invest in this repair, the investment would have been paid back in donated dollars to our community in under 7 years. Now it is possible these organizations will be forced to come to council at some point for help with funding.

What the city is going to do with the campground section of the park is yet to be known. It was turned over to them by the province as crown land, provisions in that transfer may dictate it’s future use.

Another question citizens have is will the decisions be made out in the open and not behind closed doors?

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  1. I grew up 2 doors west on Nakomis Beach Rd. … Bloody jewel of an area. WATCH and see whos hands it falls into. It will make you sick.

  2. Dumb decision all around … hurts not only the charities and Lions Club … but they turned their back on all the seasonal campers there … without even including their input into this decision. Many, many “families” and Grandparents now going to be evicted from their summer homes which were often used for family gatherings. Cost of repairs is small considering the projected life of 30 to 40 years on this repair. A reminder that the park “operation” has been done by the Lions for the last 35 years at no cost to the taxpayers while having this beautiful spot maintained (equipment and buildings belong to the City and as landlord and tenant … the cost of these repairs and upgrades should be at the city’s expense).

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