First day issues a reality for vaccine registration system


The high demand and volume of appointment requests for COVID-19 vaccinations has brought with it exactly what Algoma Public Health had anticipated, a few issues with the vaccine booking system.

In a press release yesterday, APH noted “Due to a high demand for vaccine, the phone lines will be busy and appointments will fill quickly.”

Some of our readers are reporting some of these anticipated challenges to our news team today.

“According to the website there are no openings left. How about letting the public know so they aren’t sitting there going nuts hitting redial over and over again,” said Alan (reader comment).

“There appears to be a problem with booking vaccinations…. not recognizing valid Health Card Numbers,” stated Valerie (via email).

SaultOnline has reached out to the Algoma Public Health for comment.


  1. THE HEALTH CARD issue was a real fiasco. They ask for the number. I typed it in…exactly as it is written on the actual health card. It would not take it. Meanwhile, I am losing appointment times trying to figure out what they want. I keep getting INVALID CARD MESSAGE. After several attempts I finally got the card accepted. They do not want ANY spaces between the numbers on your card. They do not want the 2 letters at the end of your number sequence at all. I did finally manage to get a Sunday appointment…very frustrating for us older folks though.

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