Fraud Prevention Month Kicks Off with Warning from TSSA


(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Committed to protecting Ontarians from the dangers posed by shoddy technical workmanship on fuel-burning appliances, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) kicks off Fraud Prevention Month with the launch of its second annual ‘Trunk Slammers’ Enforcement Program.

Uncertified gas technicians and unregistered contractors, aka ‘trunk slammers’, are known for performing less expensive labour with cheaper, unsafe materials and operating out of the trunks of their cars, which makes them difficult for consumers to locate and hold accountable. They are not certified by or registered with TSSA, so:

  • their work on furnaces and other fuel-burning equipment is not subject to TSSA audits for compliance with safety requirements
  • their knowledge, competency and qualifications cannot be validated
  • there is no assurance they will comply with safety regulations, since they have already disregarded the law by working without proper certification and registration

Among TSSA’s top five areas of concern, three are fuels related, including carbon monoxide (CO) risks in apartments and condominiums and fuels risks in private dwellings, as noted in TSSA’s 2020 Public Safety Report. Inadequate installation and poor work have been identified as major contributing factors to the risks in these areas.

“In that reporting period, TSSA saw an encouraging reduction in the severity of harm related to fuels experienced by Ontarians,” said Sam Sadeghi, director of TSSA’s Fuels Safety Program. “We attribute the improvement, in part, to educational campaigns and awareness initiatives, like the ‘Trunk Slammers’ Enforcement Program.”

TSSA oversees fuel safety in Ontario through public education, certifications, inspections, investigations and more. Visit the TSSA website for more information on the ‘Trunk Slammers’ Enforcement Program and fuels safety awareness news and resources.