Fundraiser started for local youth

Chandra and her daughter Magpie in this undated photo provided by Chandra.

Relatives of a local teenager with five separate mental health issues have started a GoFundMe for assistance with costs.

In a community where it is often asked, “how do we stop young people from going down this road?”, with relation to drugs, theft and other things, helping out Magpie could be a chance to prevent this from happening and an opportunity to demonstrate how others can be assisted as well.

A picture of Magpie provided by Chandra.

Magpie started out as a normal girl if you ask her aunt Calla, fun loving, normal, your everyday girl next door. Until a few years ago there wasn’t anything for the family to worry about.

“We were having so much fun. But then this, this sort of darkness descended on her and she’s trying to get out of it,” said Calla during our interview. “She needs support to be able to do it because she is just a kid. And so what we need to get her is this service dog. a service dog will not only provide her with support, but it will help her thrive and grow.”

In discussion with Calla last week, it is obvious her family cares for her. Since they haven’t been successful in accessing funding, or the wait lists for care are simply too long, they have decided to try the GoFundMe route.

Calla believes this may be a chance to help Magpie who has five seperate mental disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD); Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD); Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD); and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), she also has Type 1 Diabetes.

“Today, there is more support, but it is not enough.  Chandra had to leave her job to be available to Magpie during school hours in case there is conflict. Chandra is applying to any program she can find to access the medical and psychiatric supports for Magpie – supports that she needs to live a full and happy life – and for herself so that she can continue to provide the positive support that Mapgie needs,” says the Gofund me.

As for Chandra, she’s heartbroken and frustrated. In a GoFundMe update posted yesterday she explained.

“I’m sad every day to watch her struggle through challenge after challenge, expected to just keep trying, to continue to have faith that eventually it will all work out. It breaks my heart to see her switch from a slightly overstimulated anxious person trying her damnedest to manage and cope – and do and be better than the day before – to a highly agitated, enraged, self-destructive, dissociative person who believes the world is closing in,” said Chandra. “Then, to have so many of the people around her misunderstand her mental illness and blame her actions on “bad behaviour” and approach her with anger and frustration rather than empathy and support. It is just heartbreaking.”

According to Chandra the province has let her daughter frequently slip through the cracks.

“I’m feeling so disappointed by the agencies and organizations that have continued to allow my daughter fall through the cracks, withhold pertinent and very helpful information, lack of follow through, disorganization and lack of communication skills. There are definitely some very important and necessary services lacking in this community, and you would never know unless you needed to access them.””

So why are they asking for over $30,000? it’s spelt out in the charts below.

All of these services have been recommended and suggested as ways to help by experts how have consulted with the family.

Sault Ste. Marie, here is an opportunity to help someone who can’t help herself. Magpie has the potential to accomplish so many things, according to her family, she just needs the support to get there.

The GoFundMe can be found here:

Fundraiser by Calla Barnett : A Service Dog for Magpie (