Have you found one yet – Potholes

Stock Photo: Most potholes originate from the freezing and thawing of roads during the winter.

Which road is the worst in the city for the dreaded potholes?

Unfortnately with the warmer weather comes our favourite season, pothole season!

Wedged somewhere between winter, spring and construction season, pothole season wreaks havoc on our vehicles. From flat tires to suspension issues, vehicles suffer thousands of dollars of damage yearly from these infrastructure divots.

Potholes are starting to appear in roadways and drivers become more and more aware of them. According to a Canadian Automobile Association report in 2016, potholes cost Canadians 1.6 billion annually in repairs.

In a interview with CTV, Arif Bhanji, co-founder and CEO of Fiix Auto Repair in the Toronto area, says the damage can be more than a flat tire.

“There are two categories I would split pothole-related car damage into. One category is when you hit a pothole and it causes visible damage to your car and the second category is when you hit a pothole and acquire invisible damage,” said Bhanji. “If you hit a pothole really hard and you damage your control arm, which basically connects your wheels to your steering, you can’t actually tell that it’s damaged unless you go to a mechanic and they hook it up to an electric computing system that can identify the problem.”

Potholes are divots in the roadway that vary in size and shape. They are caused by the expansion and contraction of ground water, after the water has entered into the ground under the pavement through cracks. When water freezes, it expands and once it thaws, it leaves a void which when run over by cars, creates a pothole.

The City of Sault Ste. Marie says you can submit your pothole observations online at https://saultstemarie.ca/City-Hall/City-Departments/Public-Works-Engineering-Services/Public-Works/Service-Requests.aspx

Nominate the worst street for potholes in the city and we may go out and take a look!


  1. Well I had damaged from a pot hole that jammed a chunk of ashphalt making severe damage to my truck. And the city denied my claim for damages. Good job !

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