Is Pet Ownership Becoming Too Expensive?


Is pet ownership becoming too expensive? For thousands of people giving their pet the best care is very important, but with COVID-19 leaving many short of funds to take care of their animals and the lack of veterinarians willing to take on new clients, a crisis for animal care is apparent in Sault Ste. Marie according to Cheryl Alberta, founding member of TAAG (The Animal Assistance Group) TAAG which a completely volunteer based shelter primarily attending to stray and feral cats says her group is finding it hard to even provide basic care.

Alberta appeared with Colette Linden on ONNtv Friday to discuss the problem of finding a vet and being able to afford it.


  1. I feel that very negative comments about our vets in the Sault was not called for. Anyone who makes such comments I would not trust . She also provided facts that were not true about vet care in city. Do not trust a person that is so ready to put others down

    • There are two vets in this town I don’t trust and would not want to give my business to. I don’t like how if something happens on the weekend with your pet, you don’t have a choice what vet you take your pet to. You have to use the vet that is on call. I don’t want to be forced to give my business to somebody I’ve had a bad experience with and would never want to give them my business again. Therefore, I won’t get a pet as much as I want one.

  2. The typical costs with owning a pet are indeed a burden, but they’re always worth it.
    The hardest part is the emotional and financial hit when an emergency situation arises.
    A competent, caring vet is well deserving of their wage, but medication and procedure prices are getting out of hand.

  3. Yes it is a struggle to be low income and have a pet . Immunization, reg check up , good food, flea meds, dental care ,licenses.and heaven forbid the get sick or need put down . I’ve always had pets but sadly this will be my last .

    • That’s why it’s so critical to live within your means. Too many people in the lower income bracket feel their still entitled to live above their means.
      During my low income years I had to face the realities of ownership.

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