Derek Holder House closing will cost the city 20 jobs


In an effort to cut costs, the province is closing 26 youth remand centres across the province.

SaultOnline has learned the Derek Holder House has been chosen as one of the sites for closure, costing the city approximately 20 jobs.

Palmer Lockridge is the Director of Issues and Media Relations for MPP Todd Smith issued this statement in regards to the closure. MPP Smith is the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services.

“A focus on prevention and education programs has contributed to a 81% reduction of youth admitted to custody and detention in Ontario since 2004-05. This means there are 8,500 fewer admissions per year now than in 2004-05.

As a result, the government inherited a number of youth justice facilities, including Justice Derek Holder House, that were significantly underused. In 2019-20 Justice Derek Holder House had a utilization rate of only 2% and there were zero youth in the facility for a majority of the year.

The decision to close Justice Derek Holder House is a difficult one, however these changes are in line with recommendations made by the Auditor General. These actions will address the significant underutilization, build a sustainable system that will fully support youth in conflict with the law and will allow the government to reinvest more than $39.9 million annually into programs that support Ontario families and communities.”

SaultOnline has reached out to the city for comment and will update the story if it becomes available.



  1. Our crime minister bill c-75, which is a catch and release program for criminals, in which these youth that commits a crime is now released same day,!! It does not come as a surprise, that this institution is under utilized! Ask our sergeant at sault police office in which he states it’s not abnormal to arrest someone two three times on the same day! If you think this c-75 bill doesn’t affect you wait till you or someone you know gets robbed or broken into, or home invasion…..and the perp gets let go same day with a promise to appear in court….doesn’t that make you feel safe!!!!!! I would like to thank this city’s police officers at this time for their service, with all this regulations working against them!!!!!

  2. “In 2019-20 Justice Derek Holder House had a utilization rate of only 2% and there was zero youth in the facility for a majority of the year.”

    Ya, no kidding they keep criminals on the street and wonder why there was a utilization rate of only 2%…

    • Yup, that’s Trudeau’s soft on crime policies.
      For years Canada saw a continual decrease in crime, domestic violence, assaults and firearm related crimes. Only about a year into office with Trudeau’s changes to the criminal code those crimes started to sharply increase and haven’t been this high in years.
      Canada can’t afford a third term with Trudeau.

      • sure Mike, whatever… has nothing to do with 20 staff for 6 beds… among other things, it’s a redundancy…..ohh look snow, that must be Trudeau’s fault also.

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