Local Café closed for the day

The Black Bear Café

The Black Bear Café on St. Joseph Island is closed today for deep clean and re-sanitizing after an employee shared they were experiencing flu-like symptoms at 11:30 last night.

The owners of the Black Bear made the decision after receiving the notice at 4 am this morning to close until they hear back from Algoma Public Health.

According to Owner Marylou Eckmeier, Algoma Public Health got back to them this morning and advised that fully closing was not necessary, but the owners felt they should air on the side of caution and stay closed today for a deep sanitize.

Following the recent outbreak at CASS, The Black Bear Café felt it necessary to the community to be as vigilant as possible to prevent further spread.

“We will spend the day deep cleaning and re-sanitizing everything. Algoma Health has advised that we can reopen tomorrow. Please continue to wear your masks, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands,” says Marylou in a Facebook post.

The owners are working closely with Algoma Public Health moving forward.

Should you experience any symptoms, the Healthline number to call to determine if you should get tested is 705-759-5404.