Northern Mayors pen their concern over newly tabled gun legislation

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The mayors of Northern Ontario’s largest cities have drafted a letter in response to the newly tabled federal gun legislation which would essentially download banning handguns through by-laws, restricting their possession, storage and transportation onto municipalities.

Representing North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Greater Sudbury, Timmins and Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario Large Urban Mayors (NOLUM) addressed the following letter to both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Public Safety, Bill Blair.

“Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Blair:

We are the five members NOLUM, Northern Ontario Large Urban Mayor’s, representing the cities of North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Greater Sudbury, Timmins and Thunder Bay.

We are writing to express our concern for the newly tabled federal gun legislation, which would allow individual municipalities the discretion to ban handguns through by-laws, restricting their possession, storage and transportation.

In Northern Ontario alone, there are approximately 145 municipalities. We cannot begin to
imagine the complexity the large number of municipalities in our area would create for law
enforcement officials. On a matter such as handguns, it is clear to us that the Federal Government must own the responsibility for setting the rules. We strongly believe it is important that the Federal Government of Canada put in place legislation ensuring uniformity across the country when it comes to rules related to handguns.

We urge you to reconsider the patchwork approach of giving municipalities the authority to set by-laws related to the possession, storage and transportation of handguns. We see no utility in allowing municipalities to set their own set of by-laws, and in fact, what we do anticipate is confusion and frustration for both law enforcement professionals, handgun owners and others.

Thank you for your consideration of our input on what we feel is a very important matter.”

The letter was signed by North Bay mayor Al McDonald, Sault Ste. Marie Mayor Christian Provenzano, Greater Sudbury mayor Brian Bigger, Timmins mayor George Pirie and Thunder Bay mayor Bill Mauro.


  1. Handguns are already tightly regulated in Canada. You can’t just go out and buy one without a lot of a red tape. Ones used by gangs aren’t even Canadian in origin. Only non police/military Canadians with legal handguns are collectors (eg old WW2 pistols) and target shooters.

    Banning legal ownership of handguns in a city is like banning prescription drugs to stop people from doing coke and saying you solved the drug problem.

  2. Anyone that owns handguns for sport shooting should have to have a mandatory active membership to their local gun club or be obligated to sell them in a buyback program.
    Other than this only law enforcement should be in possession of them.
    This should be 100% on the government to enforce, Canada wide.
    If you are thinking about self defense buy yourself a pump action 12 gauge.

    • From your comment you clearly don’t have a grasp of existing Canadian firearms legislation.
      Unfortunately most Canadians have no clue and rely on mass & social media and the current government’s erroneous information.
      If Canadians actually knew about Canada’s gun control laws & legislation then they would know how absurd Trudeau’s ideas how.
      If you look at all Canadian gun crime and remove the stats that are smuggled/illegally owned gun crimes committed by criminals then you’d see that legally owned firearms are responsible for fewer deaths than poorly aimed golf calls.

    • Steve, you just showed your ignorance of the laws, already in place, regarding legal possession of restricted handguns in Canada. As I’m sure you will agree, the lawful ownership of any firearm, is not the issue? Educate yourself before making embarrassing comments about issues you know nothing about.

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