Ontario ‘disappointed’ with Supreme Court ruling upholding federal carbon price

Ford government’s rash teardown of Ontario’s legislative regime for combatting climate change irresponsible, groups say.

Ontario’s environment minister says the province is “disappointed” by the Supreme Court’s ruling that the federal carbon price is constitutional.

Jeff Yurek says the province will respect the ruling but did not say if Ontario will now implement its own carbon price to meet federal standards.

The minister says the province will continue to work with the federal government and expects to have more to say on the issue by the summer.

Ontario was one of three provinces challenging the federal carbon price in court.

Premier Doug Ford vowed to fight the federal carbon price with all tools available to the government and projected the battle would cost Ontario taxpayers $30 million.

Canada implemented the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act in 2019, setting a minimum price on carbon emissions in provinces that don’t have equivalent provincial prices.