Organizers “Happy” with Pointe Des Chenes Protest

Two of the younger protestors hoping council will reverse their decision.

For about an hour March 27, 2021, members of the community who are looking for council to save Pointe Des Chenes held a protest.

Approximately 70 people of all ages turned up on the Corner of Pim Street and McNabb to show support for keeping the campground open.

“We are hopeful this helps, we’re really happy with the turnout,’ said Guylaine Poitras.

Chants from the protestors were met with honks of vehicles in support of their cause.

Ward 5 Councillor, who originally voted to keep the park open, did show up to speak with the protesters.

There were a couple of citizens mingling with the crowd who are concerned this is a done deal as well as developers ready in the wings to swoop in for the property.

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  1. The City made the right decision, but executed it badly.
    The same people are at the campground year after year after year. They build decks and sheds and all sorts of things to make it permanent.
    There is no room for anyone new as indicated by the waiting list.
    It hasn’t been a campground for many years, it’s a trailer park, which the City shouldn’t pay for.

    • get your facts straight! the reason for the waiting list was because they weren’t allowing more people into the campground because of the covid situation. Plenty of lots available for new members. Monies paid by campers far exceeds minimal costs the city has forked out. NO COSTS TO TAXPAYERS!

  2. My prediction would be the city wants to sell it for private lots. Tax $$$. And I’m sure a friend or two will involved in the development. I don’t believe they care about what’s best for “the people”. But I’m a little cynical 🙂

  3. So the city is willing to spend 350,000$ on a lot but sees issues with spending 250,000$ to upgrade a campground. Ok. Makes no sense. Pretty soon they will get rid of pointe des chenes beach. Turn it into lots. Sell them off.

  4. Great job everyone! My mother her friends and my kids all camp here and we will continue to fight for what’s rite ! We need happy campers, not a empty lot

  5. Was there a petition to sign?
    If there wasn’t…maybe get one…I’m sure there would be a whack of signatures.
    I’m thinking pretty much everyone in the Sault are SICK & TIRED of the way this city is being run.
    Look at just a few “genius ideas” they’ve come up with,
    Narrowing of Bay St.
    The studio 10 fiasco
    McNabb St (Elmwood Ave ) turning lane,
    Northern Ave.
    Just name a few..feel free to add any other stupid ideas the city has made.
    City wants to save money..FIRE THE IDIOTS that made those stupid decisions.
    Funny how people/businesses are suffering and the city is handing out 5% raises to city staff.
    I REALLY hope everyone remembers all of this come election time.
    Just my opinion.

    • another genius idea… city hall has more flags and poles than the United Nations. Thousands of dollars forked out by taxpayers. City has seen a decrease in population, yet no reduction of city staff! If anything, they have hired more. Us taxpayers are their money tree, like in all levels of government

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