Public encouraged to learn international sign for help me


A viral video with over 5 million views, and a lot of shares, shows the international sign for help me being used in multiple ways.

It’s being shared in reaction to the disappearance of of Sarah Everand. She is the woman who was walking home in the United Kingdom when she was allegedly abducted and then murdered by a London, England police officer.

The sign was originally conceived by the Women’s Funding Network in connection with the Canadian Women’s Foundation. With COVID-19 keeping more people inside, they were looking to create a signal for domestic abuse victims to use non-verbally as a means to ask for help.

“The combination of increased isolation in quarantine, and increase in the use of video communication, created a critical need for a widely recognized, discreet, way a survivor could reach out for help,” said the Women’s Funding Network at the time.

Social media is being used to share tips that women have for other women for staying safe after the tragedy.