Recent dog park incident has owner warning others

Abby bandaged after the incident at the dog park.

A recent incident at the local dog park had one dog owner going to Facebook to warn others of another dog.

Sarah Thibert is the owner of Abby, a 10-year-old Lab who according to her post lost a portion of her ear while at the park.

“At some point Abby had a stick… (the other dog) tried to take it from her but she wouldn’t let go. I grabbed both of them but they wouldn’t drop it they were both stubborn,” said Thibert in her post. “Then before I could ask Abby one more time to let go. This little girl went up to them and put her hand close so I let the dogs go to stop the little girl…That’s when (the other dog) bit Abby’s ear off.”

Images of the damage can be seen at the bottom of this article.

“When I messaged the owner to pay the vet bill in full, he had only sent me $100 & then was in complete denial about his dogs actions,” she continued in her post.

SaultOnline caught up with Thibert yesterday to check in on Abby.

Abby has become withdrawn and lost of a lot of her happiness according to Thibert. She also told us others have come forward in regards to the dog in question.

According to Thibert there is an active investigation into the attack, but until it is completed the dog can still go to the dog park.

“I only put the post up to warn other dog owners who might take their dog to the park, so they could be watching for this dog,” said Thibert when we spoke with her.

Her post continued “As a dog owner, we have responsibilities that can not be ignored… I never said he was a bad dog, but the reality is this is not a “one off” as this has happened several times. I don’t want to see another dog get hurt or anything happen to his dog when this behaviour can be controlled.”

SaultOnline has attempted to reach out to the owner of the dog in question, however, we have yet to receive a response.


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