Report – Sault Police helping with Barricaded Person in Searchmont


SaultOnline has been made aware of a barricaded person incident currently occurring on Whiteman Dam Road in Searchmont.

A reader estimates about 30 officers from Sault Ste. Marie OPP, Sault Ste. Marie Police Services and Thessalon OPP are on scene.

The individual is currently barricaded inside of a house after allegedly breaking windows in a few vehicles.

SaultOnline has reached out to both OPP and Sault Police Services for comment. Due to road conditions we will not be attending the scene.

Please avoid Whitman Dam Road while the situation is resolved.


  1. Your comment is unbelievably ignorant. Our police ARE trained for this type of situation, you must have been at the scene and have a background in law enforcement to be so knowledgeable on what actions should have been taken. This man is a dangerous criminal who was brandishing a weapon with intentions of hurting the public and our officers and was very close in succeeding. People do not understand how unjust it is that police officers consciously make the decision every single day to put their lives on the line and all they receive is criticism from the citizens they are sworn to protect. Every action they take, on or off duty is scrutinized under a microscope. Also, do you honestly believe that all information on what occurred that day had been posted in this article? When will we begin to trust in their commitment to protecting us without judgment?!

  2. Why did it take so many police to apprehend one person in seachmont. The cost will be astronomical! All they had to do was shot him with a rubber bullet, as he was outside. I thought police were trained for this type of situation. He was only waving a hatchet around, he had no guns. Police dropped the ball this time.

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