Sault Fire Service gets provincial funding


Earlier today the provincial government announced funding for the 441 fire departments across Ontario.

The funding is to be directed towards costs incurred to train firefighters throughout the pandemic. It can also be used for conducting Fire Safety Inspections within the city.

Sault Fire Services Chief Peter Johnson stated due to how fresh the announcement is, how much exact funding is unclear, but it won’t go to waste.

This funding will be utilized as described by Solicitor General Sylvia Jones- In the areas of Training and Fire Safety Inspections,” said Johnson in an e-mail to “We were not expecting these funds as part of our budget. Our budget set through Council. These funds are in addition to the 2021 Council approved budget. We will receive a minimum base funding amount of $4500.00 plus some additional funding based on population per capita.”

The fire department has an overall budget of 14.9 million in 2021, these funds, although not a lot, are appreciated by the service.