St. Joseph Island Community Quilters: over 600 quilts donated


The Community Quilters of St. Joseph Island have been providing cozy hand-quilted blankets to the community for over 20 years.

A group of mostly retired ladies meet up monthly to work on quilting and sewing projects together with the goal of giving back to the community.

They provide quilts to people who need a cozy reminder that the community is thinking of them.  The attention and care that goes into each blanket is priceless for the recipients.

In their time as a group, they have made over 600 quilts for people in the community! They source their recipients by word of mouth.

They have donated quilts for newborn’s at the Sault Area Hospital to cover incubators. The families then get to take the lovingly made quilt home.

The shutdown has not slowed down any of the quilters in the group.  Although they could not meet over the lockdown, the quilters have been busy on their projects.

Karen Doyle with her COVID project.

Karen Doyle calls this beautiful hummingbird quilt her “COVID project”.


The quilters have begun to meet up again while maintaining social distancing.  They are limited to 8 attendees as per Algoma Health guidelines.  They are happy to be able to gather as a group again following the shutdown.


The community quilters have never asked for donations, but St. Joseph Island residents have  always happily donated fabric and supplies for the quilters.