Statistics Canada looking for Indigenous hires


Statistics Canada is currently hiring approximately 32,000 people for census enumerator and crew leader positions across Canada. They are looking to hire Indigenous people to better represent the data that is collected within Northern communities.

The census paints a portrait of Canada’s population and their needs. Information from the census will ensure that the community has the data it needs for planning schools, daycare, housing, hospitals, emergency services, roads, public transportation, and employment skills training.

In preparation for census data collection, Statistics Canada will be hiring local staff for a variety of short-term supervisory and non-supervisory positions in First Nations communities, Metis Settlements and Inuit communities across Nunavut, Nunavik, Nunatsiavut and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Glen Hare comments about the mass hire and why hiring Indigenous voices in this is important, “it means that when we are planning in our community for education, like how many babies will be in kindergarten next year or in three years, or how many students are graduating this year and will be going to post-secondary school, we can account for more adequate funding to administer programs in education, health and housing to our growing populations.”

Data collected from First Nations people, Métis and Inuit across Canada help communities and governments plan for the development of Indigenous language programs, school programs, and community health and social services. Census data is used to evaluate existing programs and new service needs, such as housing.

“Anishinabek have taken great care of their citizens from cradle to grave and this data is essential in providing more accurate information and eliminating guesswork in order to continue to care for our citizens with more adequate support.”


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