Stop Sign on west end has a problem

Google Maps view of Gore and Albert.

A new stop sign northbound at the corner of Gore Street and Albert Street in Sault Ste. Marie, has some issues.

In a recent Facebook post which is garnering a lot of attention, Scott Davidson points out the problem completely.

“The famous Gore and Albert intersection! Solution to all the accidents?? Put a flashing stoplight behind a freshly planted tree! Wait till the leaves come!” says the post.

As the pictures shows, when the leaves do come in, the light and possibly the whole sign will become difficult to see.

Obstructed stop signs are one of the reasons people can fight a “fail to stop” ticket in court. This sign, left in this manner could lead to more cases if someone chose to fight a ticket they received there.

Council agreed to add the stop sign during a meeting in February.

The post was brought forward in comments with regards to other infrastructure issues in the city. Stay with SaultOnline as we follow up on some of those issues.



  1. I guess now we know why we had to pay 360000 for a 62000 piece of useless land , now how much has this intersection cost at least the sign is the right way around

  2. City hall, in all of their “wonderful wisdom”, has waaaaaay overcomplicated the issues with the Albert St-Gore St intersection issues.

    Why didn’t they just install flashing lights on the original stop signs on Albert East?

    Instead, they’ve modified the Andrew St-Albert St W intersection by installing an additional stop sign WITH FLASHING LIGHT, and modified Andrew St approach so that there is now a baremy noticeable curb on the poosite side of Albert St that is now blocking through traffic when in the left hand lane to continue South on Andrew.

    And, they they most recently are going to be reducing Albert St between Andrew and Gore to one lane as well as well as have added a stop sign on Gore WITH A FLASHING LIGHT.

    The current mayor and city council seem to be losing any common sense and logic, as well as have more recently seem to have been trying to be as non-transparent as possible on many things!

  3. Three weeks ago I watched a little grey Toyota go through that intersection without stopping. The safe and prudent course of action is to put the traffic lights with sensors back in place. The city will grumble about the cost. They should use money saved from the mild winter we just went through and put towards that end.

  4. Why don’t they just put the lights back and be done with it….. there have been more problems and accidents since they took them down…

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