Students at Kina Awiiya learn woodland floral designs


The Kina Awiiya Secondary Program is an alternative program which allows people from all walks of life to complete their highschool diploma.  This is a unique style of programming where students can complete their diploma at their own pace while infusing First Nation cultural values and beliefs into the entire curriculum.

I had the privilege of joining one of the art classes at Kina Awiiya where students completed a virtual Native Woodland floral workshop.  This was taught by Lucia Laford, a local Indigenous artist who is now practicing in Toronto.

Normally, the school would host artists to come in and teach these workshops in person, but with the pandemic the methods of learning have shifted into online video tutorials.

Kimberly Adele, Art and Social Sciences teacher at the school invited SaultOnline in for a closer look at what the students are up to.

“We’re a big family here, we’re a close knit group.  Because we’re small, it gives us the advantage because we get to work one on one with these students, so they’re fortunate, we’re fortunate, and we all just work really well together.”

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  1. Aanii Josie,

    My name is Lucia Laford and I am the artist that created the video. I am honoured that you wrote an article about the class!! I hope you enjoyed it, I had a great time making the video! I also just wanted to share that my last name doesn’t have an E at the end.

    Lucia Laford.

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