Township of St. Joseph to hold virtual meeting over the closure of NCU Richard’s Landing Branch

The Township of St. Joseph Island to hold mayor's meeting virtually.

The Township of St Joseph is holding a meeting tonight, March 8th at 7pm, regarding the closure of the Richard’s Landing Northern Credit Union Branch.

Jody Wildman, the Mayor of the Township, is hosting and inviting the community to speak about the issues that residents, businesses, cottagers and tourists will have to deal with following the closure of the NCU Branch.

The Branch is set to close on June 1, 2021, and the community has stated their concerns on the closure in various ways.  The 1200 customers this will effect now have their opportunity to have their voice heard by the Township.

The information collected from this meeting will be communicated back to the Northern Credit Union, and will be asked how they plan to address the concerns of the community of St. Joseph Island.

Join the virtual meeting tonight by telephone: 1-888-455-1389 or (647) 497-9391 and use the access code: 543-298-485, or online.