UPDATE – Pretoria Hill Police Presence ( with video )


In speaking with Sault Police Services Communications Manager Lincoln Louttit he was able to give an update to SaultOnline this morning.

In regards to the situation on Pretoria Hill –

“This situation was resolved shortly after we spoke last evening,” said Louttit. “The individual was taken into custody and no further information will be disclosed.”

From experience, this is done to protect an investigation or innocent people involved.

If more details come to SaultOnline about the situation last night, we will bring them to you.



At approximately 5:15 p.m. March 24, 2021, I was alerted to a heavy police presence on the west side of the city.

Upon arrival at the 0-100 block of Pretoria Hill, the Emergency Services Unit was seen preparing to enter a home.

The units on scene called out to the individual in the home, telling them the house was surrounded. They requested them to come out safely.

A K-9 was seen being deployed with its handler from one of the vehicles on scene.

Lincoln Louttit, Communications Manager for Sault Ste. Marie Police Services gave this statement to us at 6:55 p.m..

“Officers are currently on scene of a barricaded person on Pretoria Hill. We urge members of the public to avoid the area to allow officers to focus on the active scene,” said Louttit.

Paramedics were also on scene.