Vacant Buildings mean new positions will be required within city hall


Given the success of the Integrated Municipal Enforcement Team, two new positions will need to be funded within city hall.

The Team has been hard at work and added multiple court cases to the already strapped legal department for the city. Another legal team member and a part time By-Law enforcement member are now required.

Both motions brought forward by Councillor Luke Dufour, ask for city staff to come back with ways the positions can be funded. In the case of the lawyer, it could come from a decrease in corresponding contracted legal services. For the by-law officer, it could come from a vacant buildings registration fee, administration fees from contracted services for compliance, and additional adjustments being made during the 2022 Budget.

“According to data that that was presented to the task force by the building department in 2020, over (vs.) 2019, with the additional bylaw enforcement officer, we more than doubled the amount of work requisitions that we’ve awarded,” said Dufour to council. “So that means the property cleanups, the building improvements that were ordered by legal orders by the city more than doubled with the addition of the additional resource.”

Councillor Lisa Vezeau-Allen said the IMET team has dealt with 12 properties to this point and the investment in her eyes is a good thing.

“I think it’s really important for us in terms of making our city safe for everyone, in terms of reliable housing and holding people accountable, that aren’t providing that,” said Vezeau-Allen.

There is no timeframe for the reports to come back to council.

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  1. Does not seem like a good idea to have someone’s salary directly tied to the fines they issue. Can someone explain how that is not a conflict of interest? Basically set’s their salary as a yearly minimum quota and creates incentive to issue fines when a warning would probably do.

  2. I disagree. Action and participation are the ways to start change. Speaking out and complaining just perpetuate more speaking out and complaining.

  3. I’ve never seen a small city do so little with so many staff positions.
    But then again I can’t recall ever seeing a less effective mayor.

    • Do you ever not complain??? Are you happy about ANYTHING?
      Here’s an Idea-MOVE somewhere else or Run for office, but you won’t because all you want to do is complain

      • I guess there are those who are content with the current failing city model and those who call attention to it.
        The only way to start change is to speak out about it. In my opinion not enough people are doing that here and that could be partly why the Soo has barely developed in decades.

      • maybe the reason the soo population has been shrinking for years is because when someone points out a problem people tell them to move when they tell the truth about the city
        not everyone can afford running for office

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