Why are we still yellow? – explanation from APH


Last week the province reviewed all the Public Health Units and where they stood on the provincial re-opening plan.

For the past few weeks we have been in the “Yellow-Protect” category, although the review was completed and new designations were made Friday, it seems we will remain there.

However, a location such as Grey-Bruce County with more cases and a smaller area, was re-aligned to the green category effective today.

When APH was approached for comment, they responded saying there are a lot of things going into a decision. Their communications officer, Leo Vecchio replied to our inquiry attributing the comments to Dr. Jennifer Loo, Medical Officer of Health.

“This was a provincial decision, data used to make this decision includes a suite of epidemiologic indicators (not just incidence or rate of new cases), as well as indicators like health system capacity like hospital/ICU capacity,” said Loo. “Data and metrics are observed over for a period of time to ensure they are stable before moving a PHU to a less restrictive level.”

The province previously said it would review each Public Health Unit restriction on a bi-weekly basis. Meaning the next time our yellow restriction comes under review should be around March 12, 2021.