Women’s Week: Heather Pusch – Getting the Community Moving!

Heather Pusch, Professor at Sault College for Fitness and Health Promotion

Heather Pusch has been working in our Sault community as an educator since 2006.

Heather has her Kinesiology degree, Bachelor of Education, her Masters in Health Education and is certified in personal training and group fitness instruction.  All of her education has led to working in elementary, highschool, and now Sault College where she teaches Health Education and Promotion.

Working with the students, she has brought events like the Fit-A-Thon and Stomp Out Stress and many more into the community to promote healthy living.

“It was amazing how much just walking and doing something for 10 minutes will make you feel better.”

With COVID throwing a wrench in programming, and really how things overall, Heather had to get creative with her students in how they would bring these events to the community.

“We did a family day scavenger hunt, where the hunt items were generally things like, go make a snow angel outside, or active things, or go find a green vegetable in your house and take a picture of you eating it. The students had hoped for 20 teams, and they had 62 teams in Sault Ste. Marie participate.”

The online restructuring of curriculum and events has opened up the possibilities of what fitness looks like in a modern world.  Heather shares, “it actually really excites me because we can reach out to more people.”

The shift in learning has been a challenge for students and teachers both, and SaultOnline applauds the quick adjustment and hard work by all educators in our Algoma region.

Thanks for all the work you do for the community Heather!