Women’s Week: Patricia Toulouse – We are Sacred, We are Strong, We are Beautiful


Patricia Toulouse is an Ojibwe mother and grandmother of Sagamok Anishnawbek.  She practices Earth medicines and treats ailments by individual symptoms.  A traditional medicine practitioner with Maamwesying, she provides a traditional approach to medicine for community members along the North Shore.

Patricia joins SaultOnline for a second time!

Today, she shares the traditional view of Matriarch’s in Indigenous communities, and why women are the leaders in our communities.

“That answer is very simple,” Patricia shares,  “and it’s because women are sacred, we are sacred.”

Patricia talks about the traditional roles of First Nations women, as life givers, as nurturers, and as leaders.

“It’s important that women remember that responsibility that’s in our DNA to be nurturers, our roles and responsibility is to be the nurturing people, the harvesters of medicine, the ones to be able to take care of our sick and these kinds of things. So nurturing is within all of us. It’s important that we’re all doing what we can to nurture the well being of our communities.”

Anishinaabe people acknowledge that the earth is female. The hair of Mother Earth is sweetgrass, a sacred plant for purification, and water is her lifeblood.

Women were given the responsibility to carry water, and carry water in ceremony. Also to advocate on behalf of the water, and to speak for the water.

“Simply knowing who you are, that power that you hold, looking upon other women in a good way, and treating other people and all of creation in a good way.”

“If I had a message for International Women’s Day, for all nations, all women, it’s to remind women that we are strong, that we are resilient. You know, we’ve had so many events in history that have tried to break us down, that tried to demean us, and make us something that we’re not. We are women, we should be proud. And all women need to understand that we are sacred, we are sacred, we are powerful beings, we have the ability to lead the world, to help people to set an example of what strength and love really looks like to be able to provide that strength and love for all of creation.”

Patricia is so eloquent and has so much knowledge to share.  Thank you for all the great work you do for the community!