A ‘Pre-lockdown party” the rest of the story

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So first things first, no we were not censored in an article published this past Wednesday evening. However, I was made aware of an evolving health and safety issue of individuals in the community and made an editorial decision to remove the story, as is my right as the author.

I stand-by the statements in the previous story, this story is meant to explain more of what we know.

There was a “pre-lockdown” party held last weekend according to individuals close to the situation.

Social media pictures provided to SaultOnline allegedly of the party.

“The party was pre-lockdown. One (person) in attendance was notified on (the weekend) that (they) may have been exposed to COVID-19 one week prior. All attendees have been notified through APH,” said the individual who contacted SaultOnline upset about the story.

During the pre-lockdown party, Sault Ste. Marie was under the Yellow-Protect Guidelines from the Province of Ontario. They state the conditions for any indoor party or gathering.

“Limits for certain organized public events and social gatherings such as functions, parties, dinners, gatherings, barbecues or wedding receptions held in private residences, backyards, or parks, where physical distancing can be maintained is 10 people for indoor and 25 people for outdoor.”

Conversations on a tik-tok video supplied to SaultOnline allegedly taken during the party – usernames and faces are being kept anonymous.

SaultOnline reached out to APH to ask why the location of the party was not revealed as it had been this past January for the Garden River incident.

Jon Bouma, Manager of Infectious Disease explained in an e-mail to SaultOnline:

“We issue public notifications when we do not have information to contact everyone who may have been exposed in a timely manner,” said Bouma. “If there is an exposure risk to the public, APH would issue a notification with the times and locations of exposure, as well as public health instructions on next steps, and how to contact APH for further information.”

He continued,

“APH’s priority lies in protecting and promoting the health and well-being of community members, which includes ensuring that all identified contacts to positive cases of COVID-19 are identified and supported.”

Social media pictures provided to SaultOnline allegedly of the party.

When asked about charges being laid against the operators of the party he responded.

“We will also work with local law enforcement partners where there is evidence of breach in legislation relating to COVID-19.”

It has come to the attention of SaultOnline that charges may be pending in this investigation and we have reached out to the Sault Police Services to confirm.

SaultOnline has also obtained multiple videos and photos from the party and a partial list of 22 names of attendees. For the safety of those involved, we will not be publishing the list. The name of the organizer has also been verified by multiple sources and due to the ongoing investigation, we also will not be identifying them.

However, we are in contact with multiple organizations in regards to this rapidly developing situation.

If you know of someone who may have attended this event, SaultOnline encourages you to be kind and follow Algoma Public Health guidelines as these are still fellow Saultites and members of our community.

As more information becomes available we will bring it too you.


  1. Just wondering what did end up happening from the new years party? Were there any documented cases or not? Was there not reported a covid infected person in attendance as well? For all the hype I never heard any followup.
    News isn’t news any more as it mainly consists of speculation and hyperbolic rhetoric wrapped in a candy coated little pill for the masses to swallow. Happy 2021

  2. I’m curious as to why the address of this party wasn’t released as it was in response to the New Years party held in Garden River. I know first hand that all the teenagers that attended the Garden River party were contacted but yet the AHU chose to print the address which I believed to be a breach of confidentiality but what do I know. What I do know is that anytime there is anything close to controversial or someone gets arrested from Garden River First Nation or any other First Nation for that matter, those that promote hate, discrimination, cruelty and continued ignorance against our community and community members will come out of the woodwork to blurt out all of their pent up rage against us. I challenge you all to look up residential schools and learn about the horrific and sickening acts of abuse that was suffered under the hands of the church and it’s clergy.

    This article clearly demonstrates that there is separate rules or policies that apply to First Nations and the rest of the city. Given the fact that the Algoma Health Unit disclosed the address of the location of the party in Garden River then the same should happen for this family and I wonder if they’ll be charged as was the family from Garden River First Nation.
    This is yet another clear example of systematic racism and discrimination. I stopped coming onto this site a long time ago because I would be outraged with the comments that were being made and I had no control over what was being said. Maybe we should all take a look at how we’re supposed to strike a balance between freedom of expression and the prohibition of hatred to continue.
    Our kids deserve more!

  3. Will we ever know the consequences of hosting this “party”? (especially if it’s a teacher as rumoured)? What were the consequences to the police officer who hosted a “Christmas” party? What were the consequences to the hospital sunshine list CEO (earning almost $300,000 last year)who went to visit family/friends in BC? What were the consequences to the person hosting the party in Garden River?
    We’re advised of who commits crimes, who’s arrested, who’s released, penalties imposed, etc., etc., etc.,
    My opinion is it should be all or nothing. Reporters, journalists, have the right to report on everybody. If you name some, name them all…..or stop reporting anyone.
    Thanks, Dan, for at least reporting this. Keep up the good work.

  4. APH ..are definitely Racist..The B.S. they are stating ,is nothing but a bunch of crap..Treat everyone the same or be called a racist …Shame on this organization ..

  5. Seriously we’re concerned with a stock pic, that clearly states it,,, bigger issues should be brought to the forefront,,, like how many people have been put at risk by this selfish act,,, if their old enough to drink their old enough to have to deal with the consequences,,,,that’s life!!!

  6. I heard that there are kids that attended this party but are scared to tell their parents they were at this party. And in the last case APH said they couldn’t contact all people that’s why the lished address. Lol how do they know that they have a actual list of kids as some don’t want to go forward. The last case no one cared about someone’s safety or bullying. What about OPP officer who had New Year’s party. No address or names etc. I’d say racisim is evident key factor

  7. It was my understanding that APH was supplied with a full list of individuals that attended the address in Garden River on New Years and told by homeowner not to publish the address they disregarded this and published address anyhow. I believe if you do for one you should do for all. And if the person who hosted the party along with homeowner of party address are charged full names should also be published like previous case. If not this would look like a clear case of racial profiling and racism based on Indigenous background.

  8. So an upset person felt the party was okay… because it was “pre-lockdown” (which the original story made perfectly clear) as if some arbitrary date makes it okay from a moral or ethical standpoint. (as the story implies, the number probably broke pre-lockdown maximums but the cops will sort that out).

    That said I totally agree that names don’t need to be published. The fact the you were able to obtain their names should give those involved pause.

    At the end of the day I don’t really care who they are. All I care about is that they get their heads out of their posterior (especially the parent(s)!! ) and smarten up in the future. However given that quote, I doubt that will be the case.

  9. What happened to ….Lead by example. These people are educated who allowed the party. Sounds like they are dumb as stumps. I am angry . Haven’t seen my family for over a year. Did everything proper during this year of covid. Were they trying to see how many people they could kill. Can’t fix stupid.

  10. Good point, I didn’t even realize it was a stock image until I read your comment. I was looking in the crowd to see if I recognized anyone. LOL.
    I would swap the photo to one without people in it for sure. It is misleading, altho I know it was not intentional on Dan’s part. I would def swap it out to just a pic of a party hat or something.

  11. Why would you use a “stock” photo for this article? It is not required and totally misleading. People see that picture and draw wrong conclusions

  12. Super article. Hey its not about public shaming and it was covered well dan. Things to think about. social responsibility. Parents responsibility and guidance. Lessons to be learned. How we guide our families. Kids. Community. Health unit. Come on we are in a pandemic millions have died. Does grampa and gramma have to come back from the grave and teach us how to act. Is the world out of control? Are we allowing and encouraging it??

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