Bayshore HealthCare investigating local nurse


Following up with a reader tip to SaultOnline, we have been made aware of a local nurse who was seen with Chris Sky, a well known anti-lockdown speaker, without following proper personal protective procedures.

Patrick Callan, Media Relations for Bayshore HealthCare sent a statement to SaultOnline.

“Bayshore adheres to the strictest public health and clinical guidelines. The health and safety of our clients and staff is our top priority. All of our nurses are required to follow their professional code of conduct as well as Bayshore’s policies and procedures,” said Callan. An internal investigation is underway into this isolated incident and given the seriousness of the allegations we will bring resolution to this matter immediately. All Bayshore staff have been trained to the highest Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) practices and standards. This incident is not a reflection of Bayshore’s commitment to evidence-based practice standards and patient safety.”

SaultOnline will bring you more information on the evolving situation as it becomes available.


  1. Report on something that doesnt make you a nazi. This women is entitled to do whatever she wants on her own time and associate with whoever she wants.

  2. Agreed. There is news; but there is also compassion in life. Compassion is used when a person is the recipient of a domestic issue and thus names are not reported. Anyone that can read knew who Dan was referring to. There are 1000’s of more William Allards out there.

  3. I appreciate your concern, SaultOnline didn’t out anyone. The women sitting acting as a journalist interviewing Mr. Sky was done publicly on the Andy Martens Show. That show has no affiliation with Superior Media, or ONNtv.

    I took a report, as is my job, and followed up on it. When it was deemed newsworthy by my news director, I wrote the story. I removed any identifying information, a nurse at Bayshore could really be anyone.

    The Pointe Des Chenes rally was done, within the rules.

    I will be there, doing my job, with my co-workers and news director, should I consider your last statement a threat to my safety?

    If you want a balanced viewpoint, please go read the previous article I wrote on today’s gathering.

    Feel free to come speak to me at the gathering and express your frustrations with my news director who will be on site also.

    • Why would you be there or anywhere. The virus is deadly and killing people in droves (so they say). You shouldn’t be there gathering with your co workers. It is dangerous (spreading the virus), so why would you put yourself and others (family) in jeopardy of getting or spreading the virus? Think about your family. I will be shocked if this opinion doesn’t get censored.

    • There are 1000’s of William Allards out there that disagree. There is reporting and then there is life. Life and compassion. In a time like we are living in, where there are no jobs to be had, to publicly indirectly out that person and take that persons livelihood and food from her dependents mouth for a few likes is not ethical. I am not perfect by any means…….. far from it, but you knew as I know you are intelligent; I have read and agreed with you on previous articles. You knew that this person was public knowledge via FB and other platforms and disregarded any compassion and thus……….well you know the story. There is a difference between FB and Media on the level as Saultonline. This could be picked up nation wide and add momentum the the hate this person has received. But……….. your site will not report anything like that fact that 15 police officers via Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati are suing the Federal Gov’t because they know that lockdowns are wrong. Anyway, You are directly responsible for this unfortunate tragedy.

  4. Please, take a minute to read about this 17 year old girl in Alberta and what his father has to say, then you compare that with those that decide to go out there without a protective mask or cover of any sort.–UdyVqvaJzmY8Soog0qZKkRiI3nlNpWcPN_T1yQS2ekSy8#Echobox=1619715389

  5. Olivia you need to mind your business. Unless you are at that persons house as a visitor how the hell would you know who is there.Really come on, nursing home staff are tested twice a week for Covid so stay calm wear a mask snd mind your business if they are bredd as king the law call the cops. Have a good day 😷

    • Cynthia, So you don’t think that co-workers speak to each other? Or go and discuss our problems with the staff? Actually they are looking for new staff, why don’t you apply and you can work with her. Good luck

    • so the same goes for lcbo workers, grocery store workers , cannabis workers, pharmacy staff and any others that are out there who are lucky enough to be employed, i am assuming no one is allowed to think now too seriously

    • What about all the other essential workers ,are we not to allowed to have our own thoughts anymore either

  6. I get this, however, talk about spying on your neighbour. And this Chris guy who loves the attention, don’t be fooled, he obviously didn’t get the virus, is Asymptomatic, and doesn’t have any loved ones who had the virus and ended up a casualty. Too many dah people.

    • Asymptomatic means you are infected with the virus and are not showing symptoms. Who said anything about spying on a neighbour?…..strange!

  7. If it wasn’t for Trump and Warp speed the vaccines would still be in development, give yer head a shake

  8. There has been a local nurse pontificating on Facebook about her antimask, antivax beliefs. I wonder if it’s the same one?

  9. There is a nurse from the FJ Davey home that has not followed any covid protocol from the beginning. On a daily she has 4-5 separate visitors to her house, her husband is the one that is having the people over while she is away from the home. When she gets home the visitors just keep on coming.

    • Really………… protocol ? And in 13 months how many times have you died and how many others have died as a direct result to Covid and were of healthy body mind and immune system……………………………………………………..and go.
      Thank you

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