Busy Beaver attempts crossing busy Great Northern Road


While travelling down Great Northern Road earlier this evening, I couldn’t help to wonder why a vehicle had pulled off to the side of the southbound lane and a gentleman was standing in front of his car attempting to warn fellow motorists.

As I cautiously passed, something small and brown came into view, literally sitting at his feet. My curiosity got the best of me and I pulled in behind his car, putting my hazards on to warn other motorists. This concerned motorist was baffled as to why he couldn’t simply coax what was now recognizable as an adolescent beaver off the road. Was it injured from a passing vehicle?

Having spent my life around wildlife, including many beavers, I proceeded to make an attempt. It quickly became apparent that no, it wasn’t injured and yes it was going to demonstrate just how stubborn a beaver could be when it was content to just sit on the warm road surface in front of this poor guys car.

With the assistance of the owner/operator at the Ambassador Motel, I was provided with some gloves and a blanket to finally coax the beaver well off the roadway and into a pool of melt water at the rear of the motel. But I’m not going to understate just how long it took us to achieve this goal after numerous rest stops, not to mention attempts to pull a 180 degree turn back towards the roadway.

This little guy was most likely just sent out in the world by its mother to find its own way in life after giving birth to a brand new litter. It’s quite common to find adolescent beavers roaming around at this time of year as they look for their own habitat.

Thank you to everyone who helped out, ensuring this beautiful animal didn’t end up as a casualty on one of the Sault’s busiest roads.



  1. “Having spent my life around wildlife, including many beavers“ can you go back and please relocate this poor guy who has no life in the city. It will just head back to the road where it will get hit and/or an accident will happen trying to save it, something I would do too. Please.

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