Canada Post warns residents of a phishing e-mail

Canada Post

A reader contacted Saultonline after receiving what he thought was a fraudulent e-mail from Canada Post.

The e-mail reads,

“Dear xxxxxxxxxxx

We tried to ship a parce to your address and no one was home and it was returned to Warehouse, First Shipment was paid by sender, the new one a small fee of 2.98 CAD is required, if you want a new shipment please follow the steps below… 

>>Yes! Make a new shipment!<<

Please make sure you provide the correct details. 

Thank You!

Canada Post Team.”

Saultonline reached out to Canada Post to confirm that this was a phishing e-mail. Phil Legault, media relations for Canada Post confirmed it was.

“Yes, we can confirm this is a phishing email. Canada Post takes online security very seriously. Unfortunately, malicious phishing emails and texts circulate from time to time, and we recommend that customers delete any suspicious emails or texts containing a link or file and contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501,” said Legault via e-mail.

“Customers may also contact our Customer Service at 1-866-607-6301 if they suspect they’ve received a suspicious email or text relating to Canada Post. More information about what our customers can do if they suspect that an email is fraudulent can be found on our website: Support | Canada Post.”

Saultonline would like to remind you, if you suspect any e-mails, texts or phone calls may be phishing for personal information you can report them to the proper authorities at any time.