Citizens gather to rally against lockdown (Photo Gallery)

Images from the peaceful rally at Bellevue Park over the noon hour, April 30, 2021 (Dan Gray/

Bellevue Park was the scene for a gathering of like-minded people over the noon hour, April 30, 2021.

Citizens of all ages, seniors, adults and kids, gathered to speak up against masks, lockdowns and other health measures taken during the past year.

SaultOnline had received a threat to the safety of our staff covering the rally if they were to approach too closely, noting we wouldn’t be welcomed. Other local media outlets could be seen covering it amongst the crowd.

From outside of the group, we could hear multiple calls for the end of the lockdown. Speakers referring to COVID-19 as a bio-weapon and also multiple cheers as people drove by in support.

The only moment of contention was when a pair of individuals drove by screaming at those gathered.

“You are the reason we continue to have the lockdowns,” the passenger of the vehicle said.

Sault Police Services could be seen both at the gatheing and driving past. Multiple plain clothes police officers were witnessed staying to the outside of the crowd. There did not appear to be any tickets issued at the time of the rally.

Traffic control was set-up and at one point as protestors thought they were going to be blocked in, however that never materialized.

The gathering lasted for over an hour, with most of our coverage can be seen on our Facebook page.

The group is planning to conduct multiple organized events going forward such as handing out information on corners.

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to cover both sides of the ongoing COVID-19 situation in our community.


  1. They are going to end in the Hospital, or few of them are. We’ll see if there is an increase of the exposure category of unknown in the coming weeks of a month… I’m sorry for those that are in contact with the “freedom fighters”… They are going to have to request some assistance.
    We’ll see how strong is the inmune system of these “fighters”.

  2. If I cannot
    convince these people who are protesting that some rules are necessary to avoid the spread of Covid 19 to me and others around me then it is a lost cause. These protestors know the rules that are made to help most of us then they should be fined for their violations. We all need to help stop this deadly virus and the protestors are not helping the cause.

  3. So just so we are clear these “freedom fighters” took away your freedom to do your job by threatening your safety… yep, that makes a lot of sense. 😳😳😳

  4. I’m confused why this media site would receive a threat to stay away from protesters. Other local media seemed to have no problem. Dan might want to look into this, I hope anyway.

  5. The Center for Disease Control announced its ok to go mask less outdoors and Joe Biden makes a speech with a mask on, outdoors. Can’t see anything wrong with peaceful protesting pushing back on lock downs. Does the left want us locked down forever, perhaps.

  6. Good to see people standing up for their civil rights in a peaceful and respectful manner. Likely “safer” than Walmart or the grocery stores. It’s unfortunate that your readers are displaying such intolerance, bigotry and small mindedness.

  7. So much hate in the comments. Just goes to show you, the same people that cry equality are the same ones wanting to throw them in isolation and given the virus. Hypocrites. And don’t start by saying so many of you follow the rules. Because I bet my life. None of you follow each and every single one.

  8. Thank you Dan for reporting about the illegal protest.
    Don’t risk your safety, you can elaborate and the public will understand.
    You may ask management to equip you with a drone… that would be fun to work with.

    • If you read the long conclusions that were published today in the National Post about the new variants… then you’ll be sorry for all those protesting… the virus is taking a twist for the worst, hospitals are seeing younger people in ICU’s and dying younger and the regular process of the virus of 14 days to brake through the inmune system is now seeing between 4 and 6 days.
      This is not over and I have my serious doubts about how effective the vaccines are going to be in the long range.
      And I doubt the scientists are on top of the virus, very tricky and full of resources…

      • Yes! It’s still too new to completely understand everything at this point. I would rather be cautious than deliberately risk getting the virus. I believe it would be enough to finish me off given other circumstances.

    • Well, considering you are 99% able to fight off the virus if you’re under 70 and don’t have underlying health issues they would likely all be back at park in two weeks.
      If that were the case would you support their cause then because your nonsensical comment was proven wrong?

  9. Everyone has a Right under the Constitution and in a Free Country like Canada (only free, as of now) to have a Peaceful Protest or Rally!! I Commend these people for Coming Out and Standing up for our Rights and Freedoms. More people Should Stand Up to this Government that is trying to turn Canada into China.This Oppression by our Politicians is happening now and will not stop if people don’t stand up to them. Canadians. must get this heads out of the sand! This whole Plandemic was planned and people are being Oblivious to what Trudeau’s end game will be Very Soon! We, the People must be Victorious,Trudeau Must Fail and be Ousted!!

  10. I think some of these guys need to go back and take grade 10 civics to understand the application of the charter of rights and freedoms, as well as the governments ability to limit the application for the protection of individuals and groups. Pretty sure when there is a state of emergency declared, that would be a case where the government is applying its ability to limit the application of charter rights for the protection of others. Hopefully the police will come good on their promise to charge the organizers and participants. Doesn’t seem like it though (cant say Im not surprised).

    Back to my previous comments… Don’t even give them an ounce of media attention as that’s what they are looking for! Too bad they got the coverage that they have. People like this thrive off the attention.

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