City welcomes patio applications


The City welcomes applications for sidewalk patios in the downtown area.

Due to mild weather this past winter, the City has advanced the opening date for downtown sidewalk patios from May 15 to May 6. This is the earliest possible date that outdoor patios can operate under current provincial requirements.

Municipal approval is only required for patios on City property. Commercial patios on private property do not require municipal approval provided they are not in a yard that abuts a residential zone.

Lead-time and unexpected issues can delay an application so proponents are asked to apply early to take full advantage of the patio season.

As COVID regulations are continuously evolving, conformity with municipal regulations will not exempt restaurants and bars from also complying with Provincial and other relevant agency regulations. As well, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) requirements under the Liquor Licence Act must be met.

For further information, contact Jonathan Kircal at 705-759-6227 or [email protected]  for further information.


  1. Why should these taxpaying businesses have to APPLY? Cut out the red tape and let these owners try to recoup some of their losses without a bunch of paperwork.

  2. There goes City Hall again, getting into business people’s business. To the interfering Mayor and Council, stay out of their way of making money. They have suffered enough. And besides, you can’t make back the money you spent on the Studio on their backs. You effed up, now leave them alone.

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