CME calls for vaccines for essential workers in the manufacturing sector


TORONTO — Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters is calling on the Ontario government to prioritize the vaccination of essential workers in the manufacturing sector.

The organization says vaccinations are important so that the sector can continue to keep workplaces open and safe.

The call comes as Ontario is expected to announce new restrictions later today in an effort to control a third-wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CME wants the province to prioritize essential production workers right after front-line workers and seniors.

It’s offering help to speed the vaccination rollout, including using industrial sites and resources to deliver vaccines.

The organization says manufacturing workers have been told that the earliest potential inoculation is June, while their U.S. counterparts have largely completed vaccinating their employees.


    • Good question.

      IF the employer requires you to be vaccinated because of the nature of your work (eg. a factory where loss of shifts could impact profits) you can be fired unless you have a really good reason. (not wanting the vaccine isn’t a good enough reason)
      Lots of stuff has to be determined in the next few months…. travel, admission to events, cinema, etc.

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