Collision slows artery on the east end

Two vehicles were involved in a collision on the east end, April 25, 2021 (Dan Gray/

An emergency call during the dinner hour brought Police, Fire and Ambulance to almost the city limits.

When they arrived at the corner of Trunk Road and Frontenac Street, they found two vehicles involved in a collision. One vehicle was left partially blocking the west bound lanes, the east bound lanes were completely blocked by the other vehicle.

Upon arrival all occupants seemed to be out of the vehicles.

City Police forced traffic to alternate use of the centre lane to get by, while they investigated the collision.

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  1. Catch and release is clearly a serious problem. I believe that this crime program however has a wider development than the Liberals. In Seattle Washington it has been accused of part of the catalyst that has added to that cities expression of “a dying city!” While likely more pronounced in Seattle, crime, poverty and massive homelessness on the streets is destroying the city. I don’t really know anything about this philosophy of “catch and release” other then is doesn’t work. However i do believe the time has come for us to find out what is behind this lack of common sense.

  2. What would you like Schinners to say about the accident, I doubt if he witnessed it. Saying something contrary to the article above is called attention grabbing. I can’t see anything wrong with that.

  3. What we have is a Drug and addiction pandemic .We have a useless MPP in Romano on this issue. He should have been dealing with this Drug and addiction problem in his first year.Not once has he addressed this Drug and addiction problem. We have store front Drug Addiction Centres.More people in this city have died from Drug overdoses than the Coronavirus. We have been in lockdowns over a year this has manifested this addiction problem.Every street in this city has a crack and drug house.This is a serious health problem for the citizens who are feeding their addictions by stealing and robbing people.Mind you the Liberal Government and their Marxist Leninist crime bill catch and release .Has the. Police handcuffed and cannot do anything. Catch and release .We know election of Liberals have created this nightmare .

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