Councillor moves to eliminate confusion


After the revelations made on social media about who the organizer of Friday’s assembly at Bellevue Park is, a city councillor has come forward to reduce any confusion.

The individual using the alias Randy Jackson has been identified as Matt Scott. However, this is not Ward 5 Councillor Matthew Scott.

In a statement to SaultOnline, councillor Scott wanted to dispel any confusion.

“It has come to my attention that one of the organizers for the upcoming rally at Bellevue Park shares the name Matt Scott so I just wanted to make it clear that I am in no way involved with the organization of this event and that I am in complete support of the messaging put out by Algoma Public Health, the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service, and Mayor Provenzano,” said Councillor Scott.

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  1. There is someone out there that can explain to me the reasons for not wearing a mask or a sort of protection for the mouth and nose?

    And if you start with validating your rights… then you are as confused as those that say that you need no protection because you’re God’s child.

    Plain and simple, tell me why do you refuse to wear a mask that will protect you and those around you from a variety of germs and virus. Why?

  2. “ Friday’s assembly at Bellevue Park” is not defined, described or identified in this ‘story’ so thanks to comments for clarifying.

  3. Chris Sky/Chris Saccocia (anti-masking activist) who passed through the Soo, called the owner/operator of The Breakfast Pig to ask for free food for himself and members of his “freedom convoy”. She said no 🙂

    • Takes one to know one. See how childish it is?
      If you can’t make a reasoned comment don’t make a comment.

      • now why would someone use reason to argue against antimaskers when they didn’t use it formulate that opinion in the first place?

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