Councillor suggested city should look at provincial order

Stock photo of child unhappy about a park closure. (

Before Premiere Doug Ford reversed his decision on playgrounds, Councillor Corey Gardi thought the city should take a look at challenging this part of the new provincial order.

While commenting on a tweet by Mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, he seemed to suggest the city might want to see about opening up playgrounds.

He encouraged Mayor Christian Provenzano to explore if we too could challenge a provincial order.

Sault Police Services has already stated they won’t be randomly stopping people, which is a power that was given to them in the recent set of orders from the province.

Ford, after receiving plenty of backlash, reversed the parks decision earlier this afternoon.

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  1. Why not look into challenging ALL the aspects of the order. The Ford government has no evidence that any of these measures will be productive, but there IS mounting evidence that restrictions are harming the mental health of people young and old. All the government is doing is instilling more fear in people already weary. If anyone is really serious about controlling the virus, start by finally stopping all non-essential international flights and border crossings (including of snowbirds driving across to avoid flights).

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