Doug Millroy: “You can’t fix stupid.”


Every time I see a report concerning anti-maskers or anti-vacciners I can’t help but think of that old adage, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Think about it.

How else can you explain people who aren’t willing to take the steps that will not only protect themselves but protect us all?

In regard to the wearing of masks, the science is that they offer more direct protection to the people around the wearer than to the wearer. To my way of thinking, this means that rather than expressing anything to do with freedom those who refuse to wear a mask are simply showing the ultimate in disrespect to us all.

Actually, in regard to protection offered the wearer, I know there is some because this past winter I did not have a cold or the flu, something which I have not experienced in at least 50 years. I attribute that to the wearing of a mask along with the fact I am having very little contact with anyone other than my wife, Barbara.

In regard to those who oppose getting vaccinated, it is hard to understand their reasoning.

It shouldn’t be fear because most will have received vaccines for at least some of the following, polio, tetanus, influenza, hepatitus A and B, measles, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, HPV (human papillomavirus).

But then most people probably don’t even think about these things much any more, because of their age possibly not even knowing they were once prevalent on the scene.
I certainly remember.

I recall a senior in our high school in my hometown of Dryden who had her life altered by polio, being forever confined to a wheel chair.

I also recall a group of us visiting a friend who had the mumps. Lying there unmoving, with testicles the size of a small grapefruit between his thighs, he cried out, “Don’t touch the bed, don’t touch the bed,” after one of our group just brushed against it.

In those days mumps “could go down on you” if you were little too active when they arrived. Upon leaving our friend, members of our group all walked gingerly until our time came, as it did, and finished.

Some of those objecting to the vaccine and the wearing of masks say their constitutional rights are being taken away, that it is affecting their liberty, their freedom.

They don’t seem to understand that some things are imposed on the populace for the public’s good.

And after all, the constitution already allows for the requirement of seat-belt use in vehicles, the wearing of helmets for those who ride motorcycles, no shoes no shirts no service, no smoking, the use of safety equipment on some jobs, cutting off of service from those an establishment decrees has had too much to drink.

There is also talk of Covid fatigue, as if to say enough is enough and we’re not going to put up with this any more.

This would be like soldiers suffering from battle fatigue in a hard-fought war saying enough is enough: we’re taking the next month off.

That might be OK if the enemy would go along with it but that is not how it works. The enemy would take advantage of the lapse.

And so it is with the fight against Covid. We cannot relax in the middle of a battle that, raging around the world, is far from won. Now is the time to bear down, to finally bring it to its knees, not allowing it to bring us to ours.

I thought Jennifer Rubin, who writes for The Washington Post, made a cogent point in a recent column when she suggested proof of vaccination eventually should be a requirement to enter certain premises.

“At some point, only the willfully ignorant and destructive will remain unvaccinated,” she wrote. “Once that happens, employers, retail establishments, entertainment venues, public buildings, public transportation, colleges and (when vaccines are approved for children) schools should insist that people present a secure form of proof of vaccination before entering. The ornery holdouts won’t be mandated by the government to get shots, but they should not be able to enjoy the benefits, privileges and access that responsible Americans have earned by getting vaccinated. There is no right to remain a breeding ground for dangerous coronavirus variants or a threat to the small number of people still susceptible to the virus despite their vaccinations (known as breakthrough infections). The country is approaching the point when it should stop catering to those bent on being a danger to themselves and others. We have all sacrificed too much for too long to indulge reckless conduct.”

She is right.

I have said several times in my writing about Covid-19 that we have been lucky in the Sault area in that our numbers relating to our population are quite low when compared to other jurisdictions.

But I now think it is more than luck; I think it is a tribute to the people of this area who in the main have followed the rules, kept travel to a minimum and most important of all, have worn masks.

There was an anti-mask protest held on the Station Mall property recently but according to a report on Saultonline, it only attracted about a dozen people.

That is good news and offers hope that this area will continue to fend off the virus.

And as an aside, wouldn’t that be something if, in this case at least, we have fixed stupid?


  1. I am not an anti vaxxers, but I do not think an mrna vaccine, for a virus that has not been isolated, is safe, its untested, with no long term studies done. it is not a regular vaccine like the flu, it is gene therapy, and many people are having adverse effects to it. There are many immunologists who are against this vaccine, but are not allowed to tell their side.

  2. Mr Millroy may be right when he states you can’t fix stupid. But then the question becomes which group becomes the stupid group. Is it the group that is willing to let the government dictate what they can do ,who they can visit and where they can go while using the 3rd wave 4th wave or 5th wave to keep them terrified or is it the group that wants to live their lives their way. After all isn’t our Health Minister of Canada a Doctor oh my mistake maybe it is an interior decorator.

  3. Great article. If the pandemic has accomplished anything it has “outed” the most willfully ignorant, immature, and selfish members of our society. It’s a “stink” they will wear the rest of their lives, long after the pandemic is over.


  4. Guess it’s easier to dismiss people under “conspiracy theories” than it is to have a logical discourse.
    For many years people have said that there are opinions on one end and on the other, but the truth is in the middle.
    It would seem these days that the middle is being silenced, including doctors and scientists.

  5. All we can do is make sure WE GET the vaccine and protect ourselves, If others do not see the merit in getting the vaccine they may face the consequences. There are enough leading professionals in the medical world that support the vaccine that I trust. As kids, our parents made sure we got our vaccines. The school system insisted on vaccines to enroll in school. This is no different but equally important.

  6. Regrettably a poorly researched and narrow viewed opinion point.
    Automatically labeling people with questions as ani-this or anti-that is little more than an attempt to further divide Canadians.
    People aren’t “anti-vax” if they question the legitimacy of the cars-covid-2 (covid-19 vaccination).
    The common cold is a coronavirus that scientists were entirely unsuccessfull in trying to develop a vaccine for, of any variant.
    SARs is another coronavirus (sars-covid) disappeared shortly after the last case and never had another case outside of a lab – scientists were entirely unable to create a vaccine.
    But magically covid-19 (sars-covid-2) can see a vaccine developed in less than a year? That’s somehow magically good for all variants?
    Trudeau has said that getting vaccinated will NOT end restrictions or open the border. Pretty well every scientist has agreed that the vaccine will not stop anyone from getting the virus (as we’ve seen fully vaccinated people get covid), won’t stop covid from being spread or from people being asymptomatic carriers.
    Further, none of the vaccines has been actually trialed or peer reviewed – this is a semantics game played by MMOs. The vaccines were all granted emergency approvals for distribution.
    Astra Zeneca is being pushed by our government even though scientists are saying that it not being an mRNA based vaccine, it’s not overly effective and is considered a temporary stop gap until an mRNA can be adequately supplied.
    Drs Anthony Fauci and Theresa Tam have flip flopped constantly over the direction of this virus, and though we’ve heard it’s “due to the evolution of knowledge” that’s a bogus argument – the timeline of flip flops show a complete reversal and then back to the original opinion within days – such as mask wearing outdoors. Within a few weeks Fauci has claimed outdoor masks were unnecessary, then claimed it’ll save millions of lives, then back to saying they’re unnecessary. That’s beyond evolution of knowledge.
    Even the distancing debate is mired in controversy and has been determined to not be factually based. It was one of a myriad of guesses from a TB outbreak in 1800s Germany. That’s why we’ve seen a massive scientific debate on distancing. States in the US that had NO distancing mandate saw NO additional covid cases than other states or provinces that strictly mandated distancing.
    Ontario is seeing some of the strictest continual lockdowns in the world yet our covid numbers continue to soar.
    This all begs some serious questioning. In the very least on our leadership.

    • Did you know that it takes between 10 and 13 years to become a doctor in Canada? But I’m sure having read a few rebel news items means you know more than they do.

      • That doesn’t make them all good doctor’s who aren’t afraid to speak out against what governments are telling them to do or the regulations that are set for them. I have the highest regard for good doctors. I’ve met 3 good doctors but have met a lot more than 3 doctors.

      • There have been many doctors speaking up against how things are being done. Ask yourself, why are doctors and nurses being threatened to have their licenses revoked for speaking their opinions?
        Why are you sewing division by assuming anyone is specifically a conservative and mentioning rebel news?
        Why are you so afraid of discussion? With thinkers like you I’m surprised women are allowed to vote and the earth isn’t still considered the centre of the solar system.

        • Yes doctors have been speaking out for the past three or four weeks. What have they been saying:

          1. Vaccines to hot spots – Ford is finally starting to listen on this one increasing hot spot allocations by 50% over the weekend. Incidentally, he also managed to slip in some well-to-do area codes with lower infection rates.

          2. Sick pay for essential workers – Big announcement by Ford last Friday with tears in his eyes that they would look at this. Since then, crickets.

          3. Shutdown all non essential manufacturing, construction, distribution and retail – Ford has completely ignored this one.

          These are the things doctors have been speaking up about that they feel is wrong with the government response. Other than a couple of doctors and nurses with questionable political views, no doctor is saying “don’t get vaccinated” or “hold rallies to stop them from making me wear a mask”.

          • I see that your perspective and research is very narrow and basically what you’ve been fed.
            Doctors are growing increasingly frustrated over their censorship – any any all videos, articles, etc are promptly removed. Even Trudeau has very quietly introduced the internet censorship act. It’s not needed, there are already laws on the books for legitimately dangerous information. So why censor and not charge? What’s happening doesn’t add up.
            Seems to me like you need to do more research and stop being fed the bits of pieces of cherry picked info – there’s a power struggle here by the government.

          • Can’t reply directly to Rachem, so I’ll do it here.

            Your first article talks about a youtube video that had been posted by a fundamentalist religious group not health care practitioners. The video was removed by Youtube for violating their policies on spreading misinformation not by the government.

            Your second article references Dr. Simone M. Gold. People may remember her as the Trump advisor who believed Covid-19 was caused by “demon sperm”. Need I say more?

            Listening to conspiracy theories is not research.

      • The vast majority of Doctors are saying the Ontario government is not going far enough with lockdowns and lifting restrictions too soon. Hence, 2nd and 3rd wave being stronger than they should have been.

        • The vast majority of Drs and Nurses that the government will let you hear. Remember if these professionals talk against what the government says is the only truth they will be shut out and disciplined

          • The Canadian government is not censoring doctors.

            The only body that can discipline a Doctor in Ontario is the CPSO.
            There are no discipline hearings regarding COVID or vaccines registered on their website.

            So NO, they are all free to say what they want.

            Convenient to use ‘censorship’ when you can’t find enough credible people to agree with your viewpoint.

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